Your ultimate charter experience 

About diving...

Malta has numerous dive spots to explore. With catamaran maXim and Dive Systems Malta you will have the chance to go to one of the Malta Underwater Heritage Unit's released locations.

For technical (CCR) divers we have special (live aboard) packages to one of the below historic wrecks:

  • B24
  • IMG_1264
  • Um el Faroud
  • le Polynesia
  • HMS Russell
  • IMG_1266
  • Schnell boat
  • IMG_1270
  • IMG_1262
  • IMG_1250
  • IMG_1253
  • P31
  • IMG_1267
  • Imperial eagle
  • IMG_1271

More information about the wrecks you will find here or

  • B442B11E-0E54-4509-92B7-65FBC000C8DB
  • CF417A33-533B-4C69-A086-753193E5896A
  • D1F0CBA4-EDF8-4509-A5B7-2A7ADD21B8FA